AMB group possesses a strong background on the development of numerical techniques for the simulation of solid and fluid mechanics problems. In particular, this expertise includes:

  • Development of meshless techniques. AMB group is one of the pioneering groups in the development of meshless techniques such as the Natural Element Method (NEM) or high-order MaxEnt techniques.
  • Multiscale modelling and simulation: AMB has developed state of the art numerical techniques for the simulation of multiscale and multiphysics problems such as modelling CNTs suspensions, and many others.
  • Development of techniques for real-time simulation. In close collaboration with other lines in the group, the development of efficient techniques for real-time simulation in the context of virtual surgery is other of the various lines of research of our group.
  • Development of numerical techniques for the simulation on handheld devices, deployed platforms such as smartphones and tablets. We also study the possible implications on the field of augmented reality, augmented learning, etc. We are able to embed a complex simulation in an ebook, for instance.

  • Physically-based augmented and mixed reality.


Some recent projects: