Iñaki Ochoa

Profesor Titular (Lecturer)inaki

Mechanical Engineering
Campus Rio Ebro.- Edificio I+D+i
Mariano Esquillor, s/n
50018-Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel:: +34-876 55 29 64
Fax: (+34) 976 76 25 78
e-mail: iochgar (at) unizar.es


  • Ph. D. Histology and Pathology (2004) University of Navarra
  • M. Sc. Biology (1999) University of Navarra
  • Biochemistry (2003) University of Navarra


Ignacio Ochoa has a degree in Biology (1999) and Biochemistry (2003) from the University of Navarra. He doctorated in 2004 in the department of Histology and Pathology of the same university. His doctoral thesis focused on the role of bioactive peptides in cell differentiation processes. He completed his postdoctoral stay in the group of Structural Mechanics and Materials Modeling (GEMM), University of Zaragoza where he began to study how they affect mechanical stimuli to cell behavior and launched the experimental laboratory bio GEMM group. Currently, staff is assigned to CIBER-BBN GEMM group and associate professor of Anatomy and Histology Humanities at the University of Zaragoza.