Luis J. Fernández

Profesor Titular (Lecturer)ljfernandez

Mechanical Engineering
Campus Rio Ebro.- Edificio I+D+i
Mariano Esquillor, s/n
50018-Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel: +34-876 55 54 67
e-mail: luisf (at)


  • Ph. D. Transducers Science and Technology (2005) University of Twente
  • M. Sc. Phisics (2001) University of Zaragoza


Luis J. Fernandez received the M.S. degree in Physics at Zaragoza University (Spain) in 2001. He then joined the Transducers Science and Technology department at Twente University (The Netherlands) where he obtained the PhD degree in 2005 for the development of MEMS based power sensor for radio frequency signals. During the next 5 years he was involved in the development of low cost Micro Total Analysis Systems (mTAS), microfluidic control elements and biosensors at Ikerlan research institute (Spain), becoming a formal partner of the centre. In 2010 He received the “Ramon y Cajal Fellowship” to join the GEMM group at Zaragoza University (Spain) and lead scientific advances in the field of microfluidic devices for cell culture applications. Dr. Fernandez has published 17 scientific papers with SCI, 34 articles in proceedings of international conferences, and holds 6 patents.



POSITION-II / Pilot-line for System in Tip Integration (G.A. no. 783132 )

DPI2015-65401-C3-1-R: Development of a microtechnology based system integrating organized cell co-cultures, dedicated scaffolds and microsensors: towards an “in-vitro” model of a kidney