Welcome to the home page of the Applied Mechanics and Bioengineering group of the Aragon Institute of Engineering Research, Universidad de Zaragoza.

The Applied Mechanics and Bioengineering Group (AMB) is one of the research groups of the Biomedical Engineering Division of the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A). In addition to the research activity, AMB is involved in teaching undergraduate courses in the School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA) at the University of Zaragoza.

You can see our research statistics at AMB Google Scholar web page here.

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Research Lines

Scientific Computing

Our lab is leader at an international level in the development of modern simulation techniques applied to bioengineering.


We develop the most advanced computer models for vascular tissue and FSI including blood flows.

Experimental methods

We host the NanBiosis platform of the CIBER-bbn and Carlos III Health Institute of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Soft tissues

We are specialists in the development of hyperelastic model for soft tissue modeling and simulation.


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