AMB highly cited papers

Three of our group’s papers are among the 1% most cited papers of their respective specialities.

These papers are:

  1. PGD-based computational vademecum for efficient design, optimization and control. F. Chinesta, A. Leygue, F. Bordeu, J.V. Aguado, E. Cueto, D. Gonzalez, I. Alfaro, A. Ammar, A. Huerta. Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, 20(1), 31-59, 2013. [Download pdf of draft]
  2. A short review on model order reduction based on Proper Generalized Decomposition. F. Chinesta, P. Ladeveze, E. Cueto. Archives for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 18, 395-404, 2011. [Download pdf of draft]
  3. Recent Advances and New Challenges in the Use of the Proper Generalized Decomposition for Solving Multidimensional Models. Francisco Chinesta, Amine Ammar, Elias Cueto. Archives for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 17(4), 327-350, 2010. [download pdf of draft]

They are also among the few papers from our university in this list.

Our paper at the Visual Computer finally in print

More than a year after its viagra sans marcas comerciales de sildenafil en argentina ordonnance acceptance, our paper “Real-time simulation techniques for augmented learning viagra naturel femme usa in science and engineering” at The Visual Computer, finally sees the light and will be assigned to an

issue: The Visual Computer, 32(11), 1465-1479, 2016.

See it at