A Ph.D. position is opening

A MOTIVATED PERSON IS REQUIRED to do a PhD in creation of virtual laboratories and digital twins for cell behavior simulation

Project description:

Cellular migration, differentiation, proliferation and morphology are essential aspects of numerous physiological and pathological processes, from wound healing to diseases such as cancer. In these aspects, numerical methods can be useful tools that help to understand the physical mechanisms behind the different processes that affect cell behavior individually or collectively.

The main objective of this project is to develop a virtual laboratory and digital twins through numerical modelling to predict the directionality, speed, differentiation, proliferation and morphology of cells, considering the different aspects involved in cell migration when different stimuli (mechanical, thermal, chemical and/or electrical) are applied in the microenvironment in which they are found. The project seeks to use digital technology to simulate and better understand cellular processes and provide useful tools for research in the field of cell biology, tissue and organ regeneration.


  • Strong academic record

More details:

  • Possibility of financing for one year with the aim of obtaining a DGA or FPU scholarship to do the doctorate.
  • This thesis project is within the framework of a multidisciplinary project of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


Mohamed H. Doweidar

Mechanical Engineering Department,

School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA), University of Zaragoza

María de Luna s/n, Edificio Betancourt, 50018 Zaragoza, SPAIN

Tel.: +34 876 555 210                     

E-mail: mohamed@unizar.es

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