David González

Professor ~ Catedrático

Mechanical Engineering
Campus Rio Ebro.- Edificio Betancourt
Maria de Luna, s/n
50018-Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel:: +34 876 55 52 29
e-mail: gonzal (at) unizar.es


Ph.D. Mathematics (Applied Mathematics) (Sept – 2004) Universidad de Zaragoza

Ph.D. Thesis: “Mixed approximations in natural neighbour Lagrange-Galerkin methods. Application to Solid and Fluid Mechanics.” Download an abstract in english, or full document in spanish.

Research Topics

  • Computational Mechanics
  • Meshless Methods. Partition of unity methods
  • Numerical simulation of forming processes
  • Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) methods
  • No-Newtonian Fluid Simulations
  • Data-Driven on Computational Mechanics
  • Computational surgery
  • Real-time simulation
  • Scientific Machine Learning
  • High-dimensionality Response Surfaces
  • Manifold Learning


  • Here you can find a complete list of my publications

Advised students

  • Andres Galavis. Fluid-structure interaction from a Lagrangian point of view. (With Prof. E. Cueto [pdf])
  • Fares El Halabi. Multiscale Approach Based on Parametrized Microscale Models Using Proper Generalized Decomposition. (With Prof. M. Doblaré [pdf])
  • Carlos Quesada. Real-time simulation of surgery by Proper Generalized Decomposition techniques. (With Prof. I. Alfaro)
  • Alberto Badías. Data assimilation procedures for mixed and augmented reality. (With Prof. I. Alfaro)
  • Beatriz Moya. Physically-based machine learning of fluid behavior. (With Prof. E. Cueto)
  • Alicia Tierz. Development of inmersive environments based on thermodynamics-informed Neural Networks.(Ongoing, with Prof. I. Alfaro)
  • Lucas Tesán. Development of artificial intelligence techniques for the creation of digital human twins. (Ongoing, with Prof. E. Cueto)

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